“With Shamanic work, it is a partnership between practitioner and the Spirits. Benjamin’s relationship to spirit is unquestionably strong, resonant and meticulously cultivated which is a credit to his obvious application to the work. His style has a clarity and accuracy that is reassuring, grounded and deeply affecting in this world of overload and confusion.

His delivery of the healing message comes with a calm, heartfelt vibe – which gives the client space to receive and feel supported without feeling micro-managed or overwhelmed.

Benjamin skilfully accesses and explains the subtleties of the work done as well as the bigger picture, resulting in healing work that is both a balm for the spirit and the mind (the latter of which can often demand an explanation of what has happened!)

I would recommend him without hesitation for deep and complex work.”

D.W. – Teacher and writer, Somerset


“I have complete confidence in Benjamin’s work. I would have no hesitation in recommending him as a very effective shamanic practitioner.”



“My experience of shamanic healing from Benjamin was amazing. He put me at my ease and explained what would happen, leaving me relaxed and open to the experience. The energy was incredible and I am still feeling the benefits weeks later. I would thoroughly recommend him.”

S.M.B. – Nurse, Devon


“I’ve worked with Benjamin for a few years now and can say that his help has been of enormous value to my ever present search for true self. I especially love his connection with Nature and all things Earthbound. He has a great gift for receiving the information we need to empower us toward our own healing. Thank you Ben.”

Julia de Bharra – Gloucestershire


“Over the years, Benjamin has done quite a few shamanic healing sessions on my behalf. His deep connection to the earth and his inherent integrity infuse and inform all the shamanic work he does. His work is rich in metaphor and has given me great food to chew on. Recently, I found myself in a tough patch, feeling rather bleak. The journey that Benjamin did for me was like honeyed balm to my weary soul. The images themselves that came to him were so beautiful that they are still with me now and have helped carry me through.”

Michele – Environmental Consultant, Colorado, USA


“I know Benjamin Buckle both professionally as a colleague and as a professional shamanic practitioner to whom I have gone for help myself.

On the first, I have worked in some very sticky situations with him side-by-side and he has the perseverance and personal depth, as well as open heart that you would want while addressing challenges for someone else or your community. It’s a pleasure to work beside him because there is a kind of “trueness” to his way of being that always resonates beautifully with the task at hand. He is capable of great tenderness and insight and also knows how to be sharp when something strong has to be said.

All these are things I have observed in him while he works as a practitioner; which is why I chose him to go for help when I needed it myself. I benefited by everything I’ve already mentioned; and also received some astounding results. At one point I had been ill and I had damaged one of my eyes and affected my vision. I knew from speaking to the allopathic doctor what happened to my eye and had no hope whatsoever that it would ever improve. But after doing work with Benjamin on “vision” and not just seeing out of my eyes, I awoke the next morning with my physical vision improved markedly. This is great effectiveness.

I’ve also gone to him with tender personal issues where I really needed some help. The beautiful images and metaphors he brought back for me from his journey work and seeing his Allies on my behalf are things, years later, I still clasp to my own heart for inspiration.

Additionally, I have engaged Benjamin to build me sacred tools for my own work and shamanic practice. His craftsmanship is truly beautiful and his sense of design and practicality are so very helpful.

In every way I can recommend him heartily to you. If you’re needing assistance and want to explore the old ways and ways guided by Spirit & intuition, you will not be disappointed if you engage Benjamin Buckle.”

Mary Frances Ni Flynn – Neurofeedback Consultant, Shamanic Practitioner and Artist, USA


“Having not had much experience of shamanic healing before, I could not have had a more reassuring experience than with Benjamin. Both empathetic and strongly rooted in his path he is able to facilitate the most incredible work which had life changing results for me. What makes him special is that he makes certain to follow up the sessions afterwards and so is extremely conscientious and thorough. I wouldn’t go to anyone else.”

Anna Shepherd – Chef and business owner, Dorset


“I am so grateful to know you Benjamin. I want to thank you for working with me in such a beautiful, safe and supported way. The healing and knowledge I have received are pure and profound. Benjamin’s connection to Spirit, Inner wisdom and Compassion is a true treasure of light. His gifted healing touch will melt any internal blocks, allowing me to embrace life in all aspects.

Thank you my brother, it is a great privilege and honour to know you and work with you!!!”



Following the passing of my beautiful friend and shamanic healing practitioner, it was never going to be easy to finally ‘let go of what was’ and work with another practitioner. Benjamin came to mind several times and with guidance, I finally found the courage to make contact. I am so pleased that I did. He is an amazing practitioner and his kind, gentle nature, along with his insights and clarity, meant that he worked in a very familiar way which gave me great comfort. He totally put me at ease ahead of the healings and I had a lovely experience on both occasions – Benjamin clearly has a great gift. He shared the work that had been done in an articulate and enlightening way and encouraged specific ‘homework’ so that good practice could continue in my own time and space. Following a difficult time on a personal level, I am over the moon to be feeling empowered as a result of the healings that Benjamin has done. I couldn’t have found a better ‘replacement’ (he had a tough act to follow!) and I would thoroughly recommend him. Thank you, Benjamin.

Lisa Picton – Full-time mum, business co-director and former teacher, Cornwall


“I have had the distinct pleasure of knowing Benjamin for some time while he was employed at the Sacred Trust. I knew him to be someone of great character and impeccable integrity. So when it became apparent that I needed some Shamanic healing for my baby daughter and myself I had no hesitation in trusting Benjamin with the matter.

Benjamin approached caring for my daughter as I’ve seen him approach most things, with tremendous tenderness and humility. His heart is clearly in his work, and his sense of wonder never seems to waiver. His seeing is impressive, and the feeling of ease that followed the work was very unique. I felt rather euphoric for days following the work. It was a true (and effective) pleasure to work with Benjamin and I wouldn’t hesitate to do so again.”

Lorena Paskell – Yoga teacher, Nevada, USA


“I originally approached Benjamin to do some journey work on my behalf concerning a personal relationship matter. He was very professional and his approach assured me I was in safe hands. The information Benjamin received for me in the form of a recorded journey helped me clarify my decision making process during a tough time in my life. Sometimes it’s hard to see the truth of a situation or to get perspective when you are too close to something, Benjamin bought that perspective and clarity back with wonderful accuracy in a way that I understood perfectly. He held the space beautifully for me to process what I had received and was there to answer any questions I had, which ensured I understood everything completely.

Benjamins connection to spirit and his helping allies is very strong, he has a true connection to nature and the land – perfect for land and animal healing or clearing.

Whatever your reason for asking Benjamin to help you, I recommend him completely, you will be in very safe hands.”

B.Morton – Designer, Cornwall


“ Benjamin is a uniquely talented and highly intuitive individual who moves seamlessly and effortlessly between worlds. He approaches his work with the highest precision, respect and integrity resulting in a very in-depth and informative session which is as nurturing as it is transformative. You are truly held, supported and renewed in abundance. I cannot recommend him highly enough.”

Lorraine Delaney – Manager, Stirlingshire, Scotland


“ We all respond to energy within ourselves and from others. Being in the company of some folks may feel draining yet with others..uplifting. It is the same with property too. Energy lingers. Both good and bad. What to do when encountering a feeling in your home or with your home that you cannot explain but you sure can feel it?

There is no need to offer paragraphs of convincing copy regarding the beauty, integrity, honesty and healing that this Shaman, Benjamin Buckle, brings to his clients.

Benjamin is amazing. His work with me both personally and on my properties was and is beneficial and long-lasting.

What I will say is do not wait until you have exhausted all else to contact Benjamin. One can save time and energy by engaging with the healing and answers that Benjamin through his Shamanic work offers you.

You are reading these testimonials so you are almost there! Contact Benjamin, he is gentle, non-invasive and you will know that the results you are seeking are available for the asking.”

N.S.S. – Creating Interiors, Isle of Wight


“Benjamin is a deeply gifted practitioner. He skilfully balances the practical and the numinous, offering a very holistic approach to shamanic healing. Our session offered me the experience of feeling renovated within the deepest, safest cavern of the Earth, all while taking flight with the gods.”

Gabriela.G – Shamanic Practitioner, Cornwall


“We got in touch with Benjamin when we began having disturbances in our home, which culminated in our young son being physically ‘smacked’ by an entity. Benjamin was able to move this spirit on into the light remotely. This was done quickly and we haven’t had any problems since. Benjamin has also checked in with us twice – once soon after the session and once a few months down the line to be sure we were happy. Everything is still settled and we were really pleased with the work.”

Karianne Raby – Administrator, Norfolk

Shamanic Journey Lessons (H.S.C.)

“I would like to thank Benjamin for his patient, caring and professional approach when teaching me Shamanic journeying. It has given a new depth to my spiritual practice – a place to go to in times of need.”

S.M.B. – Nurse, Devon


“Learning Harner Shamanic Counselling with Benjamin has been a truly incredible journey. He facilitates, but does not intrude, guides but does not show and is always there to answer questions and concerns. He has a great skill as a teacher and his deep connection to spirit is evident in this. I highly recommend him.”

Anna Shepherd – Chef and business owner, Dorset


“Benjamin has a depth and knowledge of Shamanism that is well informed both by his extensive training and personal practice. He was perfect in holding space whilst I learned the Shamanic Journey lessons. His guidance and insights throughout the practice served to deepen my own spiritual work and offer perspectives I hadn’t considered. He gave me tools to safely traverse the unknown and delve into new spiritual realms. I can’t recommend him enough as a grounded and inspired guide for your journey.”

B.Morton – Designer, Cornwall


“A Life Changing Experience. 

Quite a statement, I know! But it’s true. I liken learning how to Shamanic Journey to learning how to read. It opens up a whole new world. 

I originally went to see Ben for a healing session. I was so struck by the healing and insights he shared with me that I immediately wanted to learn how to do it myself. 

Through Ben’s calm and very clear guidance I have learnt an incredible skill to support myself and those I care for. The process of learning Shamanic Journeying was thorough, fun and inspirational. 

I would (and have) recommended Ben’s training and healing to my clients and friends.


Anna Findlay  – Kinesiologist, Cornwall


“Working with Benjamin to complete the Harner Shamanic Counselling 6 week course was like being gifted the night sky, full of luminous stars.

The gift of wonder, of voluminous galore for all beings known and unknown of transcendental form. All sewn together in a beautifully crafted handmade ancient trinket box. With a set of methodical instructions of how to open it. Which made sense and was somehow familiar, yet new and interesting. It’s Intriguing and fascinating to analyse, document and explore the new worlds. Benjamin teaches in such a gentle, well designed and engaging manner. It was a pleasure to witness his way of working. A joy to be able to work with him. I feel so blessed and grateful for his work. Thank you Benjamin. It was truly amazing, very majestic and an honour to be able to be taught by you. Thank you.”

Jasmine – Well-being and Support Advisor, Cornwall

Online Shamanic Journey Lessons

“In lockdown, my spiritual journey led to an interest in shamanic work and the practices of ancient wisdom from around the world. Shamanic journeying held a particular attraction as a means to connect deeply with spirit and receive guidance.

I was reluctant to undertake any training online but, having received distance healing from Benjamin and hearing the testimony of trusted friends around his credentials and integrity, I trusted him to be my guide.

Benjamin was careful to assess what I already understood and filled gaps in my knowledge without being condescending. He is incredibly professional yet warm and held the whole process carefully, ensuring my understanding and wellbeing at all times. I would describe the course of lessons as well organised, rigorous and exciting, with Benjamin joining me in my awe and wonder in a very genuine way.

The use of technology made things very easy to do at a distance and Benjamin has the technique down to a fine art, anticipating anything that might crop up on a practical level and being ready with solutions. After a while, it was easy to forget that we were not together in person and I feel that nothing was lost in this way of learning, in fact, being in my own home added to my sense of safety and comfort.

If you are interested in shamanic journeying and want to learn more, don’t hesitate to consult Benjamin – his expertise and gentle manner make learning from him a real pleasure.”

Mary.B – Teacher, Cornwall


“Thank you Benjamin, thank you for introducing and guiding me through the lands of non-ordinary reality where magic is possible; the Harner method.

Your kindness, dedication and wholehearted encouragement have instilled in me enthusiasm and great interest in the practice of shamanic journeying.

The fact that we could conduct this special work online made all the difference because it was convenient, comfortable yet it didn’t lack the deep connection required. You facilitated every aspect of the process so well!

I am truly looking forward to exploring and being my own authority now, after decades of searching for a spiritual practice I could call my own.”

Justyna – Piano teacher, East Sussex


“I contacted Benjamin and completed the online journey lessons with him. I found the lessons immensely useful. Benjamin was organised, structured, and there was a real sense of his connection with spirit. By the time I finished the lessons I really knew how to journey. I enjoyed the entire process, he held the space beautifully and I would highly recommend doing the journeys with him. I also experienced Benjamin journeying for me. The information he brought back was useful and enlightening, thank you so much Benjamin, I look forward to working with you in the future for the next course you develop warmest wishes Jagdeep.”

Jagdeep Gulati – Cognitive Hypnotherapist, London




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