Animal Healing

Shamanic work can also be offered to animals. The same methods used in a Shamanic healing session for humans are applied. I will always check in with the spirit of the animal that it is their will to receive any healing before it is undertaken.

Shamanic healing is in no way distressing for the animal; it requires no affecting change in their environment, nothing to challenge or scare them at a time when they may feel in pain or vulnerable. And there is no requirement for them to be still!

Animal healing is generally undertaken absently as experience has shown this route to be the most effective. In this form, the healing is exactly the same as it would be if carried out in person, except that a surrogate (traditionally a piece of wood or some other natural item) is used in lieu of the animal in my home healing space. Be assured that healings done in this way are no less potent!

A video or telephone consultation with you prior to the session is required to explain the work to come, discuss any direct issues about the animal’s condition and to answer any questions you may have.

It is important to add here that Shamanic healing is not a substitute for veterinary treatment, neither will it prevent an animal from passing if this is the animal’s will. However, this work can certainly facilitate a graceful release from fear of death and attachment to a life in which they may be in deep discomfort.

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