Shamanic Journey Lessons (H.S.C.)

What is Harner Shamanic Counselling?

Harner Shamanic Counselling (HSC) was originated in the early 1980s by Dr. Michael Harner. Harner (1929-2018) was an anthropologist, author, teacher and founder of the Foundation for Shamanic Studies who spent half a century living with and learning about shamanic cultures all over the world.

Michael Harner is widely acknowledged as the world’s foremost authority on shamanism. Perhaps his greatest contribution has been his pivotal role in bridging the worlds of indigenous shamanism and the contemporary West through his fieldwork and research, writings, and original development of the core methods of shamanism. By pioneering the introduction of these methods (including the shamanic drum journey) to the West, he started the movement that is returning shamanism and shamanic healing to the spiritual life of peoples throughout the planet. Harner is recognised as the world leader in this movement.

From his experiences, Harner developed this highly effective system of guidance and personal problem solving that a client can learn to apply to themselves for healing and a greater understanding of their own lives.

Whereas in a classical shamanic healing the practitioner journeys for the client to bring back information or carry out healing, through the process of HSC, the clients themselves learn the methods for journeying (or travelling ‘between the worlds’) effectively becoming their own shaman and retrieving their own information, guidance, healing from the spirits and meeting their own wise teachers.

As opposed to the traditional live drumming used in shamanic healing, HSC uses a drum recording to alter the client’s state of consciousness, to allow them to operate ‘outside of time’; utilising ancient shamanic problem-solving methods by way of modern technology. This does not of course mean you cannot use a traditional drum in your own practice if this is something you already do or would like to do!

With help and guidance of the facilitating shamanic counsellor (who also teaches the methodology in the sessions) and in partnership with their own non-ordinary reality helpers, the client journeys out to seek the answers to their own questions.

The facilitating shamanic counsellor will meantime provide instruction, orientation, and methodological advice based upon core shamanism and shamanic journeying. By the end of the final session, the goal is for the client to be empowered to self-support – held and guided of course by the wisdom and relationship that has been forged with loving, compassionate spirits.

HSC facilitates deep self-empowerment and instils a sense of freedom from having to rely on external sources for information. Indeed, who but you would know ultimately what is best for your life?

Important Note

Shamanic counselling is a spiritual methodology – not counselling in it’s modern sense. It is not psychological or talk therapy; rather in this body of work, the client is given a method and the practitioner teaches and supports the method and what unfolds.
HSC is a system that follows ancient principles of shamanism, not modern Western systems and theory.
It is not derived from one specific cultural or ethnic tradition, but is based on cross-cultural principles and Michael Harner’s own innovations especially adapted for use in contemporary society.
Spiritual counselling’s goal is life-enlightenment – not the treatment of psychopathology. It allows the client to solve problems, discover their own spiritual power and develop the wisdom to deal successfully with daily life. It has proven to be a deeply effective, incredibly empowering tool.

What H.S.C. Involves

First of all – anyone can do it! No previous experience of shamanic journeying or healing is needed and everything will be taught at a pace that suits you. We will be working in a comfortable, safe, relaxed space with all you need provided. All aspects will be carefully and thoroughly explained before you begin the work.
Note: There is no journeying in the first session – it is an introduction and familiarisation to the method and equipment. This ensures that you are fully at ease with the process and what may unfold in the following sessions. Rest assured, there is no commitment to continue after this session if that is what you decide.

What HSC certainly does involve is your time and dedication to your own healing path. I am a Harner Shamanic Counsellor and received my certification in 2014 from the Foundation for Shamanic Studies. I offer my training, over a decade of journeying experience and my commitment to support and guide your process. But ultimately, this style of practice requires your personal focus, discipline and concentration for its considerable rewards – nothing generates change like your application to your own body of work!

For more information, feel free to get in touch.

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Total cost of all 6 sessions: £200
Payments will be due at the end of session 1, 3 and 6 (at £30, £75 and £95 respectively).
Includes 6, one-to-one Shamanic journey lessons over 5-6 weeks varying from one to two hours per session.
Payment plans are available. Please email me for further details.

There is no commitment to continue after session 1 which is why it is priced and paid for separately.

Shamanic Journey Lessons Testimonials

“I would like to thank Benjamin for his patient, caring and professional approach when teaching me Shamanic journeying. It has given a new depth to my spiritual practice – a place to go to in times of need.”

S.M.B. – Nurse, Devon


“Learning Harner Shamanic Counselling with Benjamin has been a truly incredible journey. He facilitates, but does not intrude, guides but does not show and is always there to answer questions and concerns. He has a great skill as a teacher and his deep connection to spirit is evident in this. I highly recommend him.”

Anna Shepherd – Chef and business owner, Dorset


Benjamin has a depth and knowledge of Shamanism that is well informed both by his extensive training and personal practice. He was perfect in holding space whilst I learned the Shamanic Journey lessons. His guidance and insights throughout the practice served to deepen my own spiritual work and offer perspectives I hadn’t considered. He gave me tools to safely traverse the unknown and delve into new spiritual realms. I can’t recommend him enough as a grounded and inspired guide for your journey.”

B.Morton – Designer, Cornwall


“A Life Changing Experience. 

Quite a statement, I know! But it’s true. I liken learning how to Shamanic Journey to learning how to read. It opens up a whole new world. 

I originally went to see Ben for a healing session. I was so struck by the healing and insights he shared with me that I immediately wanted to learn how to do it myself. 

Through Ben’s calm and very clear guidance I have learnt an incredible skill to support myself and those I care for. The process of learning Shamanic Journeying was thorough, fun and inspirational. 

I would (and have) recommended Ben’s training and healing to my clients and friends.


Anna Findlay  – Kinesiologist, Cornwall


“Working with Benjamin to complete the Harner Shamanic Counselling 6 week course was like being gifted the night sky, full of luminous stars.

The gift of wonder, of voluminous galore for all beings known and unknown of transcendental form. All sewn together in a beautifully crafted handmade ancient trinket box. With a set of methodical instructions of how to open it. Which made sense and was somehow familiar, yet new and interesting. It’s Intriguing and fascinating to analyse, document and explore the new worlds. Benjamin teaches in such a gentle, well designed and engaging manner. It was a pleasure to witness his way of working. A joy to be able to work with him. I feel so blessed and grateful for his work. Thank you Benjamin. It was truly amazing, very majestic and an honour to be able to be taught by you. Thank you.”

Jasmine – Well-being and Support Advisor, Cornwall


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