About Me

Benjamin Buckle is a Shamanic Practitioner and healer, who has spent nearly all of his life working in partnership with the natural world. A childhood backdropped by his parents’ own commitment to spiritual practice, Reiki, mediumship and healing work meant that the workings of non-ordinary reality and the wisdom of one’s inner world were at the forefront of his youth and his teenage years.

His practical relationship to the natural world was a continuing thread into adulthood. A BSc Hons in Wildlife and Countryside Conservation eventually led him to work with a range of wildlife and park organisations including the National Trust and Forestry Commission; these years of practical study adding a layer of integrity and congruence to his already well-established connection to the unseen aspect of the natural world which underpinned his spiritual practice.

Having explored other spiritual paths for some years, it was in 2010 and a drum circle with Derek Gane of The Healing Tree that Benjamin discovered Shamanism. It was here that he realised that this was the missing piece that married the wisdom of the living world, his drive to offer healing and the means to resolving his own questions about himself and the world.

Shamanism’s simplicity and potency were the ideal mix and Benjamin commenced his first year long Shamanic training with Derek Gane at aged 28. His work with Derek neatly wove together much he had previously learned through self-study, study with other healers and information directly from spirit.

It was during his tenure at the Forestry Commission that his own healing crisis arrived in the form of M.E. Over five years, his condition included periods of being bed-bound for months at a time. Benjamin had to surrender fully to the Shamanic path which, though practice and application started to lead him back to wellness.

This personal journey ran parallel to his training with The Sacred Trust, one of the UK’s most well-respected Shamanic teaching facilities. In 2017, along with other bodies of Shamanic practice taught there, Benjamin completed his 3-year professional Shamanic training, whilst regularly assisting the Trust’s founder and director Simon Buxton on training modules. In 2015 he was made a supervisor to students under taking the 3-year training.

Benjamin now lives in wild and beautiful Cornwall, building his own healing practice and exploring and expanding his own body of work. He continues to respectfully research traditional Shamanism from around the world for inspiration and understanding to deepen his own roots to his native lands and their spirits. Sadly, much of these lineages in the British Isles and Europe do not survive unbroken today.

Along with his Shamanic practitioner qualification, Benjamin is a trained Harner Shamanic Counsellor certified by The Foundation for Shamanic Studies. He has also studied with such notable teachers as Sandra Ingerman and Robert Moss.

Benjamin describes Shamanism as something ‘that makes perfect sense – where nothing else ever has.’ He allows his formal training and life-long personal practice to generate a natural framework within which his clients can be at ease and most receptive to healing, whatever their prior experience of alternative healing modalities.

Benjamin employs clear and up-front communication regarding the work, understanding that listening to clients’ fears and concerns is the first step to creating the conditions for healing to occur. Simplicity and steadiness are at the heart of his practice – the client always at liberty to ask questions, guide the process and voice their fears.

Taking direction from his spirit teachers from the natural world, his own gentle nature and his other trainings in complementary healing modalities, Benjamin’s trust in his Allies and in Great Spirit is total – allowing each and every client to get what it is they really need for their healing journey, however that practically manifests.

Benjamin’s work has been described by clients as ‘beautifully spontaneous and in deep relationship with Spirit,’ his approach allowing even the most uncertain clients and those in a lot of physical pain to access a deeply relaxing space where extraordinary levels of healing can occur. His manner is reassuring and grounded, facilitating a feeling of safety and ‘normality’ in which private and emotional issues can be comfortably addressed.

Benjamin holds a healthy respect for modern medicine and the subtle weaving of both it and the ancient ways. As modern bodies with the most ancient of roots, his practice understands that it is in inclusion and flexibility that a state of wellness and balance is most speedily reached.

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