Home & Land Clearing

Home and land clearing is a Shamanic praxis that – put simply – is the neutralising of unhelpful, disruptive or misplaced energy that is negatively affecting you, animals or nature in a certain location. These disruptive energies are often the result of energetically disturbing historical events, disrupted elelctro-magnetic fields, souls of beings who have passed on, damage to the land or an accumulation of stagnant, stuck energy.

‘Symptoms’ that may indicate home or land clearing may be needed include:

  • Unexplained phenomena or deep discomfort in certain areas of your home or land.
  • Regular nightmares.
  • Animals behaving oddly – such as growling or jumping at empty space, reacting to something you cannot see and/or avoiding certain areas of the home.
  • Trouble selling your home for no obvious reason.
  • Land or buildings that you know have a negative or disturbed history.

Home or land clearing can be done in person or from a distance (absently). In this body of work, I journey to speak with the local Spirits and Spirit of place to discern what is required in order to create a more cordial, balanced and clear environment.
What may then follow is Psychopomp work, land healing, cleansing or removing misplaced or disrupted energy, boundary protection, land soul retrieval.

The client may have some small piece of work to do to integrate the work into their home or the land, or to maintain something such as an energetic boundary.

Psychopomp Work

From the Greek; psyco meaning ‘spirit’ and pomp meaning ‘conductor’.

Space clearing can also – in certain cases – call for psychopomp work, which – put simply – is the moving on by the practitioner of the spirit or spirits of a deceased being lingering in a space after death.
Spirits of nature/elemental spirits can also get ‘stuck’ and need help if they are similarly confused or suffering.

In shamanic cultures, assisting souls transition from life to death and back to spirit is a common practice and one that has been lost to our society. Death and dying are taboo subjects in the West.

From a shamanic world view, a spirit recently departed from a body or natural place can linger if they do not have access to assistance in transitioning. They can unwittingly cause disruption to atmospheres and energies in the space they choose (or not!) to linger in. Poltergeist activity is a spirit in such a situation, trying to get attention for help.

Indeed, the shamanic practitioner’s work is not just limited to the healing of the living – they may use the practice of psychopomping to also lovingly assist spirits to peace.

Home & Land Clearing Testimonials

“We got in touch with Benjamin when we began having disturbances in our home, which culminated in our young son being physically ‘smacked’ by an entity. Benjamin was able to move this spirit on into the light remotely. This was done quickly and we haven’t had any problems since. Benjamin has also checked in with us twice – once soon after the session and once a few months down the line to be sure we were happy. Everything is still settled and we were really pleased with the work.”

Karianne Raby – Administrator, Norfolk



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