Sacred Tools

I am a self-taught tool maker, using skills I have gathered over the years. I have whittled since I was a child, experimenting and honing my craft through hours of application. I am continually inspired by spirit and the power objects and tools I have collected over the years.

Working and developing my craft in this way has allowed me to understand the relationship and communication required when working with natural materials and the spirit of the tool that wishes to be made. Cultivating a partnership with nature’s inherent magic cannot fail to engender respect when working with it in the creation of a sacred object.


All my current pieces for sale and galleries of my past work are displayed on Facebook. These pages are regularly updated as new pieces come to life.

Prices for bespoke tools vary from piece to piece and take into account time taken, complexity and intricacy of design. With bespoke tools, an estimate of cost is provided before any work commences and a deposit required. There will be regular updates for you as a piece evolves.

Bespoke Items

I am happy to discuss ideas you may have for bespoke tools or unique pieces that you might require for a specific body of work, lineage or life path. There is no commitment to order on your part.
I can include symbols and designs guided by you – or I can intuit design in the moment of creation with little or no guidance from you in order to bring your tool into life.

Please contact me directly for availability and current prices.
If you require a bespoke item, or personalisation of a pre-made tool, please allow that this may take a little time to complete.


All materials used are chosen with care and gathered with respect. No animals have been harmed for my work. All materials have been found naturally from walking the land. Some non-animal material options are available.

All tools are created with honour in ceremony and cleansed on completion.

General Price Guide:

  • Wood Rattles – Palm size £30-35
  • Wood Rattles – Large size £60-65
  • Wands £50-55
  • Twisted Wood Wands £120
  • Feather Fans – varies greatly £60+
  • Drum Beaters £35+
  • Hide Rattles £70+

Prices do not include postage.

Tool Repair

If you have a tool made by me and in need of repair, this may be carried out free of charge or for a small charge depending on the cause of damage. I am also willing to consider restoration work on sacred tools from other sources (fee on application).

Pocket rattles

Tool Care

Most of my tools are created using wood, which can be affected by its environment – especially extremes of heat, dry and damp.

To prevent drying out, warping and/or splitting it is advised that you store your tool in a cool, dry place that doesn’t experience extreme or repetitive atmospheric changes.

If your tool becomes wet, do not be tempted to dry it out on a radiator or in front of a fire. Simply placing it on absorbent paper towels at room temperature and gently blotting with a dry cloth should prevent any lasting damage.

To increase the longevity of your wooden tool (those without bark especially) regularly apply a light coat of Danish Oil with a lint free cloth and rub it in well. Your tool may require regular applications in the first 12 months – depending on the nature and thickness of the piece this could be as much as monthly – but once per year after this will usually suffice.
You will come to know when your tool needs some attention!


All feathers go through a freezing and thawing process to remove any potential mites. It is advised that you keep feathered tools away from any other untreated feathers. In my experience, regular use with incense can keep them well conditioned and mite-free for years.


Items made using hide are particularly susceptible to air moisture and temperature. Excessive heat may lead to a complete drying out and cracking of the hide and excessive moisture may cause mis-shaping. Keep these tools at ambient temperature away from damp and heat sources.


All my current pieces for sale and galleries of my past work are displayed on Facebook: The Spiralling Sun

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