From the Latin; divinare, meaning ‘to foresee’, ‘to be inspired by a God’.

Divination is the attempt to gain insight into a question or situation by way of a process or ritual that employs tools such as stones, bones, cards, or praxis such as journeying or merging.

Merging work is embodied partnership with Spirit (in which the practitioner temporarily welcomes spirit into their body literally to work through them). Whilst merged, spirit delivers information to the client through the practitioner in an altered state. This method can be very potent medicine for the client, as fundamentally they are in the presence of a transcended being/deity, the energetic ‘transmission’ of which energy can be a very tangible, healing balm.

In partnership with these tools and methods, the practitioner engages with the Spirits with the intention of accessing information regarding the past, present and/or future in order to facilitate problem solving for the client.

Working with Divination shamanically can often be more holistic than simple mediumship as the information coming through can be worked with directly by the shaman in the moment to bring about a change. Rather than simply relaying information about the situation in question to the client, healing work required, integration practices or a plan of action can be revealed and supported by the practitioner or explained for the client for their own empowerment.

Prior to this work, it is generally required that the client has a clear idea of what they want for the session. This provides an architecture for the work that facilitates a clearer direction for the client to proceed in relationship to the query after the information from the Spirits is delivered.

As with all traditional spiritual texts such the Bible, the Qur’an or the Egyptian Book of the Dead, it is most important to note here that the spirits (99.9% of the time!) deliver information metaphorically – not literally.
The information in the reading may come through in a multitude of ways – all of which are a representation – relevant to each individual client – of what spirit is conveying to them about their question.
For example, if the information arrives that the Spirits see you, ’jammed in a crack in the earth’, it does not mean a physical accident will befall you where this literally happens. Rather, it likely indicates a period in life in which you feel stuck within your life circumstances or a sense of being overwhelmed by your daily responsibilities.

The final interpretation of their message can often be a process of gradual revelation. It is important to let the information land, settle and percolate – however tempting it may be to rush out and make significant life decisions or changes after a session.

Metaphor also affords a richness of information that can continue to flower and subtly reveal more to the client as time passes, in a way that literal information cannot.

Tools: For Divination work, I generally use one, some or all of the following depending on what I am guided to use at the time: casting stones, divination cards, any direct messages from the Spirits and classical Shamanic journey work.

Note: Certainly, divination tools are readily available to the public and nearly always come with books that offer a meaning for each card or stone or design. Such manuals are a modern addition – traditionally the shaman worked with their own innate and spirit driven understanding of the sign, symbol or representation, developed though a relationship with the tool and guided by the client and their query.

Divination session price – £40
This includes a considerable exploration of a life question/s. If I am working at a distance, the price includes one further Shamanic journey for more information which you can opt to receive as an MP3 or email, if required.

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