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Online Shamanic-journey-lessons

What are Online Shamanic Journey Lessons?

Online shamanic journey lessons are very similar to my in-person journey lessons: Harner Shamanic Counselling (HSC). This new modality has been developed online to allow wider access to this potent and personally empowering work – arguably at a time when guidance from the spirits is perhaps more needed than ever.

You can read more about the background here in the first two paragraphs on the H.S.C. page.

Shamanic journeying is a method of guidance and personal problem solving that a client can learn to apply to themselves for healing and a greater understanding of their own lives.

In contrast to classical shamanic healing (in which the practitioner journeys – or travels between the worlds – on behalf of the client to bring back information or carry out healing), Shamanic Journey Lessons teach the clients themselves the methods for journeying. Thus the client effectively becomes their own shaman meeting their own wise teachers and retrieving information, guidance and healing from the spirits for themselves.

As opposed to the traditional live drumming used in a shamanic healing, the online method uses a high quality drum recording to alter the client’s state of consciousness, allowing them to operate ‘outside of time’ and utilise ancient shamanic problem-solving methods by way of modern technology. This does not of course mean you cannot use a traditional drum in your own practice if this is something you already do or would like to do!

With the help and guidance of the facilitating shamanic practitioner (who teaches the methodology in the sessions) and in partnership with their own non-ordinary reality helpers, the client journeys out to seek the answers to their own questions.

During the sessions, the facilitating shamanic practitioner will provide instruction, orientation, and methodological advice based upon core shamanism and shamanic journeying. By the end of the final session, the goal is for the client to be empowered to self-support; held and guided of course by the wisdom and relationship that has been forged with loving, compassionate spirits.

Michael Harner, developed HSC from his experiences of indigenous shamanism, their distillation and reintroduction of core shamanic methodologies to the west.
I have translated this foundational work and blended it with my own, so that it works in an equally supportive way using the Zoom online platform. This new method seeks to keep screen time to a minimum and maintain the potency and depth of learning of in-person sessions. Journeying facilitates deep self-empowerment and instils a sense of freedom from having to rely on external sources for information. Indeed, who but you would know ultimately what is best for your life?

Important Note

Shamanic journeying is a spiritual methodology in which the client is taught a method and the practitioner supports the method and unfolding experience. It is not psychological or talk therapy. It is not derived from one specific cultural or ethnic tradition, but is based on cross-cultural principles and Michael Harner’s own innovations, especially adapted for use in contemporary society. It is a system that follows ancient principles of shamanism, not modern Western systems and theory.

The method of shamanic journeying has life-enlightenment as its goal – not the treatment of psychopathology. It allows the client to solve problems, discover their own spiritual power and develop the wisdom to deal successfully with daily life. It has proven to be a deeply effective, incredibly empowering tool.

What Happens in an Online Journey Lesson?

First of all – anyone can do it! No previous experience of shamanic journeying or healing is needed and everything will be taught at a pace that suits you. All aspects will be carefully and thoroughly explained before you begin the work.
Whilst there are no scheduled breaks in our sessions, there will be natural pauses, so if you need a moment to get comfortable there will be space for this.
Note: There is no journeying in the first session – it is an introduction and familiarisation to the method, format and equipment. This ensures that you are fully at ease with the process and what may unfold in the following sessions. Rest assured, there is no commitment to continue after this session if that is what you decide.

What this work certainly does involve is your time and dedication to your own healing path. I am a Harner Shamanic Counsellor and received my certification in 2014 from the Foundation for Shamanic Studies. I offer my training, over a decade of journeying experience and my commitment to support and guide your process. But ultimately, this style of practice requires your personal focus, discipline and concentration for its considerable rewards – nothing generates change like your application to your own body of work!

Requirements and Equipment for Online Sessions

These will facilitate smooth and rewarding sessions.

  • A quiet space where you will not be interrupted and have room to lie down if you wish.
  • A basic familiarity with Zoom functionality (mute/video on/off).
  • A suitable and reliable internet connection for video calls.

Some essential items you will need for our first session:

  • A laptop or tablet with webcam and headphones port – smart phone is not ideal – and you may need it handy to use as a recording device.
  • Headphones – closed-back headphones (the large, classic headphones that cover the entire ear) are recommended as they will block out external noises that may affect your journey and provide maximum comfort. Ear buds or on-ear headphones will work but may allow in external noise which can affect the depth of your experience.
  • A dictaphone or other voice recording device – a smart phone is perfect for this. If using a separate device, please ensure it has a good playback volume so it can be heard over Zoom. A plug-in speaker would aid this and both can be purchased at low cost online. You may wish to opt for a lapel microphone to improve recording quality.
  • Eye covering – ideally this will block out all light without putting uncomfortable pressure on your eyes and allow you to open them once you are wearing it. A “Mindfold” or a sleeping mask of this style that “cups” the eyes is perfect and can be easy found online (“Mindfold” and “Bucky 40 Blinks Sleepmask” shown below).
  • A notepad with pen/pencil – to make notes/drawings on your journey experiences and any other information you wish to keep.

There will be time in session 1 to test your recording and playback so any adjustments can be made before our first journey in session 2.

For more information, feel free to get in touch.

To read about shamanic journey lessons in person click here.


Total cost of all 6 sessions: £200
Payments will be due at the end of session 1, 3 and 6 (at £30, £75 and £95 respectively).
Includes 6, one-to-one Shamanic journey lessons over 5-6 weeks varying from one and half to two hours per session. Session 1 is shorter at one hour.
Payment plans are available. Please email me for further details.

There is no commitment to continue after session 1 which is why it is priced and paid for separately.

Shamanic Journey Lessons Testimonials

“In lockdown, my spiritual journey led to an interest in shamanic work and the practices of ancient wisdom from around the world. Shamanic journeying held a particular attraction as a means to connect deeply with spirit and receive guidance.

I was reluctant to undertake any training online but, having received distance healing from Benjamin and hearing the testimony of trusted friends around his credentials and integrity, I trusted him to be my guide.

Benjamin was careful to assess what I already understood and filled gaps in my knowledge without being condescending. He is incredibly professional yet warm and held the whole process carefully, ensuring my understanding and wellbeing at all times. I would describe the course of lessons as well organised, rigorous and exciting, with Benjamin joining me in my awe and wonder in a very genuine way.

The use of technology made things very easy to do at a distance and Benjamin has the technique down to a fine art, anticipating anything that might crop up on a practical level and being ready with solutions. After a while, it was easy to forget that we were not together in person and I feel that nothing was lost in this way of learning, in fact, being in my own home added to my sense of safety and comfort.

If you are interested in shamanic journeying and want to learn more, don’t hesitate to consult Benjamin – his expertise and gentle manner make learning from him a real pleasure.”

Mary.B – Teacher, Cornwall


“Thank you Benjamin, thank you for introducing and guiding me through the lands of non-ordinary reality where magic is possible; the Harner method.

Your kindness, dedication and wholehearted encouragement have instilled in me enthusiasm and great interest in the practice of shamanic journeying.

The fact that we could conduct this special work online made all the difference because it was convenient, comfortable yet it didn’t lack the deep connection required. You facilitated every aspect of the process so well!

I am truly looking forward to exploring and being my own authority now, after decades of searching for a spiritual practice I could call my own.”

Justyna – Piano teacher, East Sussex


“I contacted Benjamin and completed the online journey lessons with him. I found the lessons immensely useful. Benjamin was organised, structured, and there was a real sense of his connection with spirit. By the time I finished the lessons I really knew how to journey. I enjoyed the entire process, he held the space beautifully and I would highly recommend doing the journeys with him. I also experienced Benjamin journeying for me. The information he brought back was useful and enlightening, thank you so much Benjamin, I look forward to working with you in the future for the next course you develop warmest wishes Jagdeep.”

Jagdeep Gulati – Cognitive Hypnotherapist, London


For testimonials of in-person lessons click here and scroll to page bottom.



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